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IVECCS needs Moderators! We encourage you to consider volunteering to help us out. Serving as a Moderator is a way for you to be involved in IVECCS and VECCS as well as playing a vital role in the symposium.
  • Requirements: Must be registered to attend the meeting as attendee, speaker or exhibitor and willing to moderate two or more half-day block as designated (a block consists of an entire morning or an entire afternoon)
  • Duties: Manage the session(s) by introducing the speaker, controlling the lights, sound, entry/exit of attendees, assisting with audiovisual needs of the speaker, etc.
  • Remuneration: Volunteers who moderate at least two (2) half-day blocks will be invited (along with his/her spouse/companion to attend the Speaker/Moderator Reception).

Review the Program Schedule (available on this website) to select the sessions you would like to moderate. Please complete the following form below if you would like to volunteer to serve as an IVECCS Moderator. You may also print out the pdf below and submit by mail (retain a copy), email or fax.  We will make every attempt to assign you to the dates/times and sessions you prefer. We will notify you of your schedule 3-4 weeks prior to IVECCS and on details of Moderator Orientation meetings, which will be held at IVECCS at a time and room location to be announced later.

If you have specific questions please contact Donna in the VECCS at 210-698-5575 or email

2013 Printable Moderator Application

Full Name:
VECCS Member:
I am a (Check all that apply):

Zip/Postal Code:
Daytime Phone:
Arrival Date:
Departure Date:
What hotel are you staying at:
 Preferred Dates/Times to Moderate*:
1st Choice Preferred Block Course #s:
2nd Choice Preferred Block Course #s:
3rd Choice Preferred Block Course #s:
4th Choice Preferred Block Course #s:
 * Note that assignments will be made in half-day blocks.
I am available to fill-in on short notice on-site:
If yes, mobile phone number:
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